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Amanda Davies - Homeowner
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Amanda Davies contacted our helpline to find out if the automated gates on the new residential development where she lived were safe. After reviewing the site, Gate Safe was able to advise that currently the gates were not in fact safe and provided a letter of authority which the homeowner could present to the developer.

The result was a saving of £2,000 for the residents of the development who would have had to pay for the upgrades themselves had Gate Safe not stepped in. But more importantly, a safer pair of gates and peace of mind for all concerned.

Thank you to Amanda for her kind words, effusive thanks and gifts – it made our day!
Philip White, Head of Operational Strategy, HSE
“The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) supports the work which Gate Safe began in 2010 to improve the safety of automated and manual gates and barriers in the UK. We commend the Charity’s commitment to providing clear, practical and easy to understand information on what constitutes a safe and legally compliant gate.”
Steve Brawley, Chief Executive at The Joint Industry Board for the Electrical Contracting Industry
“We’re proud to be a partner of Gate Safe and congratulate them on the important work they have carried out for the last five years. With such a clear cross-over between electrical work and automated gate installation and maintenance, we’re keen to raise electricians’ awareness of the risks and the steps they should take if approaching this kind of work.”
Richard Hulmes, Chief Executive, Safety Assessment Federation
“The Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed), which represents the independent inspection industry, congratulates Gate Safe on its 5th anniversary and fully applauds the contribution to safety, which the Gate Safe awareness campaign has delivered. All owners of automated gates, whether in the workplace, public areas or domestic premises, which includes home owners, must comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 to ensure safe equipment on their premises, where others could be at risk, such as where installed near to footpaths and public access areas. Employers have additional responsibilities under the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) to have such machinery maintained and thoroughly examined for safety. SAFed supports the Gate Safe campaign to contract competent ‘gate safe’ trained installers to ensure safe installation, have a risk management process and maintenance regime in place, together with periodic statutory inspections for safety. SAFed members can provide independent periodic examinations and certification of machinery. Automated gates are specialised machines and can be dangerous if not installed properly by a competent installation company. Owners of automated gates and employers have a duty to ensure their machinery is safely installed and continues to be safe for use”

Christos Panayiotou, Marketing Manager, Trade Skills 4 U
“As specialists in electrical training, Trade Skills 4 U is delighted to support Gate Safe and to work together to ensure the absolute safety of all electrical gates. We are aware that many of the thousands of people who gain electrical qualifications via our courses every year, may go on to either install or maintain automated gate installations.  We are keen for our electricians to be associated with the highly commendable Gate Safe Aware register and will continue to play a significant role in helping to raise awareness of the importance of automated gate safety – both in terms of protecting gate users / members of the public, as well as the reputation of our industry.”
Clare Fleming, Head of Marketing and Communications, IIRSM
“IIRSM’s is very proud to be an official supporter of the Gate Safe campaign.  The Institute’s main objective is to advance public education in accident prevention and health and we therefore support Gate Safe’s approach which has education at its heart”
Ashley Martin, Project Manager, RoSPA
“RoSPA is committed to saving lives and reducing injuries and as such is delighted to be acknowledged as an official supporter of Gate Safe. We have been associated with Gate Safe since the first Gate Safe Summit in September 2010 and recognise the significant hazards associated with automated gates if there is a failure to adopt the appropriate safety protocol. RoSPA has been at the heart of accident prevention in the UK and around the world for almost 100 years. By working alongside Gate Safe we are keen to raise awareness among as many people as possible about the potential dangers posed by unsafe gates in domestic, work, education, and leisure settings – and to advise how best to minimise the risks.”
Edelweiss Arnold, Marketing Manager, Secured by Design
“Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’.  Since automated gates often feature as a proven method of introducing effective access control to minimise access to a property / premises by unauthorised persons, we are keen to ensure that these devices are installed in accordance with best practice and without representing a safety hazard to gate users / members of the public.  We applaud Gate Safe’s commitment to pioneering improvements in automated gate safety to prevent any further loss of life / injury and are proud to be an official supporter of the campaign.”
Brian Sims, Editor Risk UK
“The readers of Risk UK are regularly involved in making hugely important decisions that determine the security regimes for given locations. In their role as security and risk managers, they continually identify those key factors influencing the safety of people, property and critical assets. As a campaign, Gate Safe has always extended its reach to such professionals – and, indeed, members of the public – who might well be involved in the decisions taken when it comes to installing automated gate solutions for the purposes of perimeter protection and/or access control. Risk UK fully supports Gate Safe in its determined and vital mission to heighten awareness of the potential dangers surrounding non-compliant or otherwise unsafe gate installations. We’re always extremely keen to share the charity’s excellent guidance and Best Practice advice among our core audience and to play our part in reducing the risk of any further accidents occurring.”
Angela Murphy, Media Relations, Electrical Safety First
As a campaigning consumer charity concerned with electrical safety, we are only too aware of the dangers of electricity. Each year in the UK, 70 people die and around 350,000 are severely injured by electricity – which is also responsible for almost half of all domestic fires, with an estimated cost of around £1Billion. The human cost is, however, incalculable. During the last decade, the installation of electric gates in private homes has significantly increased, as they can offer both additional security and enhanced privacy. But incorrect design and installation and a lack of safety checks can turn this’ line of defence’ into a real danger. While accidents involving electric gates are rare, they can have fatal consequences – as in 2010 when poorly designed and installed gates led to the tragic death of two young children. Enhanced awareness of the dangers presented by electric gates gate safety and an understanding of responsibilities are key to improving their safety – which is why we support the work of Gate Safe and congratulate them on reaching their fifth anniversary. Electrical Safety First is a campaigning charity dedicated to preventing deaths, injuries and damage caused by electricity. Many of its recent campaigns have focused on the need for increased electrical safety in the home, via regular electrical safety checks – especially in privately rented accommodation but also across all housing tenures. For more information, visit
Justin Smith, MD, School Safety Mark
The ethos of School Safety Mark is to help schools manage and improve their safety standards to ensure the school site represents a shining example of best practice. Where automated gates are incorporated within the grounds as a means of improving security via enhanced access control, it is imperative that those gates - designed to safeguard pupils and staff - are fitted in line with Gate Safe guidance to prevent the introduction of an installation capable of causing serious injury or far worse. Our auditors have been trained to appreciate the importance of a quality risk assessment following the Gate Safe principles to encourage safer, legally compliant gates within the school setting. We are proud to be associated with Gate Safe, a charity which shares our commitment to supporting safety excellence in schools.

Gate Safe
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